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"Putting art on your walls makes the biggest difference to a space"

-Rita Konig

About US

Welcome, I’m Jessica Gibson, Creative Director at Attica Press. We are a small family run business located in the beautiful Surrey Hills in the South of England. I have been immersed in the world of interior design from a young age as both of my parents were Interior Designers. Growing up I was always surrounded by numerous sample books of gorgeous fabrics and wallpapers. At the time, I didn't appreciate being dragged around furniture shops and trade fairs on the weekends but it clearly had a strong and positive influence on me and my love of interiors.

I love an eclectic looking home, mixing modern trends with old pieces makes a space feel unique and brings a sense of nostalgia. However, finding that piece of vintage art that makes your heart sing isn’t always easy. It’s either incredibly expensive or very hard to find.

To tackle this, we started Attica Press, with the aim that it would be a destination site for affordable but exquisite, premium quality fine art reproduction vintage prints.

We have spent hundreds of hours sourcing our artwork from private collections as well as from museums and libraries around the world. Our archive dates from as early as the 18th Century. Some pieces in our collection are iconic classics whilst others are long forgotten treasures in need of some love, restoration and sometimes reinvention. We use specialist digital techniques to restore these images back to their original condition whilst preserving their age worn beauty.

Quality Matters

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If you have any questions at all we are always happy to answer them, just drop us an email on or use the contact form below.

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