At Attica Press we offer vintage framed prints as well as fine art prints and wall hangings.  This is a selection of some of the vintage frame styles that we offer framed vintage prints from Attica Press

As well as providing museum quality fine art prints and canvas wall hangings, we also offer framed wall art. Each piece of framed art is hand made to order to the highest standards by professional craftsmen.You can also choose from a range of different frame styles so that your framed print will perfectly compliment your style and aesthetic. If there is a print in our collection that doesn't currently have the option to add a frame, please contact Jess, we can add a frame to any print on our website.

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Canvas and framed prints
Our framed vintage prints are available with black, white, oak, gold, and ornate frame mouldings

Quality Frames

We’re serious when it comes to the quality of our frames because we believe that beautiful artwork deserves the very best. Our frames are built to last a lifetime and will protect your fine art print so that it can be passed down to future generations.

Our framed prints are created by professionals who are members of the Fine Art Trade Guild. Corners are perfectly cut so that they meet seamlessly without any gaps. Corner pins are then fired deep into the moulding so that each frame is robust and will not bow, ensuring that they will last a lifetime on your walls. If you choose to have a window mount with your frame, you can rest assured that it meets strict conservation standards and will not discolour over time.

Our frames are also fitted with acrylic Clarity+ glazing rather than standard glass. This ensures that images appear razor sharp and more vibrant. In addition, this type of glazing doesn’t scratch easily and offers superior UV resistance compared to glass, ensuring your framed print will look stunning for many years to come.

Ornate gold framed vintage print

A detailed look at our frames

framed vintage print in our classic black picture frame

Painted black frame

Our stylish and versatile black frame is made from painted pine. It has a smooth and grain-free finish. The width of the frame is 22mm with a flat profile and a 16mm rebate.

Vintage framed print with our classic painted white moulding.  The Gondolier by Attica Press

Painted white frame

Our minimalist white frame is made from white painted pine. With a smooth and grain-free finish, the width of this frame is 22mm with a flat profile and a 16mm rebate.

Framed vintage print of a pineapple illustration, framed with our classic oak frame

Oak frame

This adaptable and stylish natural oak frame works with many different type of art and interior styles. The bare wood moulding is 20mm wide with a 9mm rebate.

Framed vintage print of a herbarium collection, framed with our distressed gold frame

Distressed gold frame

This slightly distressed gold frame is made from gilded wood. It pairs beautifully with many different styles of artwork. This frame can be either a 17mm wide or 23mm wide (depending on the picture size).

Framed vintage print of a dutch floral painting, framed with our black and gold frame

Black gold frame

Our black/ gold frame is more ornate than the distressed gold frame. It goes especially well with oil paintings with warm hues. This frame has a width of 26mm and a 9mm rebate.

Framed vintage print of a Carl Hosoe's interior scene, framed with our ornate gold frame

Ornate gold frame

Our beautifully ornate distressed gold frame is made from wood moulding with gold leaf. It immediately adds an authentic vintage feel. This frame has a width of 25mm and a 7mm rebate.