All of our prints are made to order using a method called giclée printing (pronounced zhee-KLAY), which is the gold standard when it comes to producing fine art prints.  This method produces far superior quality prints to all other printing methods and produces the closest you can get to an original painting with a reproduction print. 

Why is giclée printing so special?


Giclée is a form of inkjet printing, but it is very different from the inkjet printer that you may have on your desk at home or in your office. Most inkjet printers use no more than 6 inks whereas giclée printers use 10+ inks (ours uses 12 different inks!)  This ensures that you get a much more expansive spectrum of colours, finer gradients and a greater depth and richness, which results in a seriously stunning and impressive reproduction. When reproducing artwork like a watercolour painting, the final print is nearly identical to the original, making it difficult to distinguish between the two. 



Resolution refers to the density of ink dots per square inch or, in technological terms, the number of pixels per inch. The greater the number of dots in a print and the finer its quality, the more lifelike the reproduction will seem. While a desktop inkjet printer may advertise a high-resolution output, a giclée printer not only gives a high resolution but also features a finer spray which creates microscopic droplets. This results in a significantly more sophisticated and refined smoothness in the print, capturing fine details and subtle textures.  


Every print crafted by Attica Press is meticulously produced using archival-grade materials. We use a substantial 310gsm (luxuriously thick), softly textured, acid-free fine art cotton paper for our prints. The thickness of the paper reduces the likelihood of creasing and tearing. Moreover, there are no chemicals used in the production of the paper, ensuring that the prints remain resistant to fading and discolouration.


Giclée prints are renowned for their exceptional longevity, boasting a remarkable ability to withstand the adverse effects of light exposure, humidity, and environmental pollutants. The longevity of these prints is primarily attributed to the meticulous printing process and the use of high-quality archival inks and materials. As a result, giclée prints are known to have a standard lifespan of over 100 years. 

In contrast to mass-produced digital or standard inkjet prints, giclée prints offer not only a much closer resemblance to the original artwork but also a far superior visual impact and longevity. After experiencing a giclee print, you'll come to appreciate how other prints pale in comparison.

Comparison between an inkjet and giclee print

This is what some of our customers have said about the quality of our prints...


Wonderful chinoiserie printed with excellent quality ink and on gorgeous thick grainy paper. And the colours - so rich and vibrant! Love it so much.


Literally perfect ! The quality is insane, came really quickly and packaged so beautifully - I love it so so much and it makes me happy when I walk past it in my house :)


Another amazing quality print. I honestly cannot recommend highly enough. Took both of my prints to be framed. Today. The thickness of the paper and the quality were remarked upon as being stunning. Love this.


Utterly fabulous, I'm delighted! Exceeded my expectations. The quality of the print is excellent, as is the packaging & speed of dispatch


I'm over the moon with this beautiful print, it exceeded my expectations. The material is such high quality and looks almost life like. The photo doesn't do it justice. I'm so impressed i can't wait to order again. Delivery was also super fast. Thank you!!