The Goldfinch

This beautifully delicate oil painting of a Goldfinch is created by the Dutch golden age artist, Carel Fabritius.  Fabritius used a goldfinch not just for it's colourful appearance but for it's symbolism.  Representing good health, fortune and fertility, we love the way this simple painting provides a sense of calm and works seamlessly with any muted colour scheme.   

You can choose to have this beautiful painting as an unframed fine art print or as a canvas wall hanging.  The wall hanging is made from our fine art canvas and it is trimmed at the top and bottom with a stylish oak poster hanger. A leather adjustable cord allows you to hang your poster at exactly the right height.  Please note that the wall chart comes as one piece and the print can't be removed from the frame without damaging it.  

Our prints are museum-quality prints. We use fine art paper and canvas with archival inks, resulting in beautiful prints with rich and vivid colours that will last for generations to come.